Monday, December 7, 2009

I finished another seven dwarfs this weekend. It took me a little longer this time mainly because I did a tutorial on how I paint their faces but also because I missed out some items and had to paint them later on- which of course kills the benefit of my assembly line painting. In the end I did another test with snow basing by adding some blue to the basic snow. I think I will make a tutorial on the way I do it now next week. So long.

Edit: I also updated my schelude since I receved another bunch of Vostroyan special weapons and therefor rearanged the order in which to paint the models.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

When speaking of character killing nothing does better than an angry Zoanthrope. I field a slot of three normally because I just need the AP 2 shots. At 18" range it's tank hunting skills are at least "moderate" but when it comes to do harm to wraithlords or other monstrous creatures they are the brood for the job. To better know them apart I modeled colorful mushrooms on their base and made them drool (pva glue and pattex)
I later added an addtitional model- an old one for bigger games and double tournaments.
PSI corps anyone?