Sunday, January 24, 2010

So after waiting 24 hours I applied another coat of white Gesso. This time I deluted it a bit with water since I was afraid that it could obscure details. After that it was fine- not perfect, but fine. The first pictures show it after applying the stuff and the second two after it had dried.

link to part 1

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Getting on with the infatry- as I am currenty stuck with the tanks (a lot of them) I thought I would post some pics of the officers and other footsloggers I painted over the Christmas Holidays.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cockpit done- also another layer of weathering (sponge dibbing)- I fear I might have overdone it at some spots. I will do another layer of weathering with metals and add a brown filter to show burnt metal. I hope to get the details done add the canopy and then it should be ready to see battle.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I magnetized the hullmounted weapons of the Chimeras. It was an awful lot of work because I had to find some way to get the magnets into the tank after it had been built. I sorta succeded by hammering a nail from the lower side of the model into it and stuck the magnet on it. Then I put alittle amount of superglue on it and pushed the weapon on top- preying that it would hold on to it. After about an hour of cursing(children are to bed and asleep) and fiddling it was done.
notice for my future projects: Don't ever again let the customer do the assembly of the model when he wants magnetized weaponmounts.

After reading about priming on FTW Spotlight last week I wanted to try this myself. I used Gesso last year to prime the plaster cast of my pregnant wife's belly. Although the tutorials all show black or greyish Gesso I only have the white stuff and decided that it must suffit. The pictures schow the freshly primed model- another picture will follow when it has dried. The I shall paint it and we will see what comes of it.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

After my last post it was brought to my attention that one of my opponents of the torunamet yesterday felt insulted by my post. I hereby apologize in all form and would like to point out something I come across in my daily businesslife all too often and have not thought of concernig my postings: Misunderstandings.
I must say that I consider myself a very humorous person and my friends would agree when I say that my sayings and writings often include a big amount of sarcasm, self-irony and other things which are not meant to be taken seriously. Of course I cannont expect everyone to know or understand this and it is my responsibility to point it out- always. I will try to do so by use of smilies or sort of things but I also confess that I will not stop writing this way- I simply can't, it's part of me.

So for all of your regular readers out there: Please asume best intention when in doubt- I will not ever flame anyone here or anywhere else.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Been there and placed 2nd. Could have won but when you miss a Landraider with 3 Veteran Meltaguns at pointblank and repeat that with 6 Twinlinked Lascannons on a immobilized Rhino (WTF!?!?) you cannot it seems. Anyway- was a funny tournament and I took my Imperial Guard roster:

  • Army commander with Powerfist, 3 Meltagun Veterans and a Voxcaster in Chimera
  • 8 Battlepsykers in a Chimera
  • 1st Platoon with 3 Missile- and Grenade Launchers, led by a Commissar
  • 2nd Platoon with 3 Autocannons and Grenade Launchers, led by a Commissar
  • 2 Vendettas (Transporting the Platooncommands with 4 Flamers each)
  • 1 Manticore
  • 1 Colossus

Game1: Necrons hiding in the bushes - 21 of them defend their marker.

Vendetta outflanking and gunning down Destroyers.

Only to be approached by 10 reinforcing Warriors.

Which looks like this from atop.

First Platoon and the Psykers clear the objectives (21 Necrons down) and marches in, driven by the Armycommand(Run, Run, Run)

The fething Monolith deepstrikes right into the thick of it and starts blasting away at the second platoon and everyone else who doesn't get out of reange in time (Psykers, 2nd platoon and all my artillery).

Vendettas flank in to protect the remainders of 1st platton and the Company commander. 1st Platoon is order to go to ground (Incoming Fire) and the Armycommand prepares to repel the Necrons of there would be a seventh turn- which there isn't. I win by having taken his marker- mine is assaulted by a Monolith.

2nd game: Thats what was left from my 1st platoon after some deepstriking tactical Marines torch my 31 man with 2 Flamers- nothing. The story: My Sergeant panicks, Commissar shoots him only to panic himself and run away over the boarder. :p
Armycommand clears the situation and the Marines are forced to fallback by the psykers- THe Chimera escorts them off the battelfield (no consolidation when enemy is in 6")

Assault Terminators deepstrike to the left and a tactical squad approaches 2nd Platoon.

1st Plattoncommand outflanks in a Vendetta(not seen on the pic) and gets revenge for the platton when they put four flamers to use on the Marines (28 hits). 2nd Platton cleansweeps the remains only to be toarched by the deepstriking Heavy Flamer Speeder and consequently crushed to pieces by the assault termies.

Vendettas tearing into the rear of the marines, dropping Platoon command 2 to deal with the very same Marines that killed 2nd platoon. They pop the Predator but fail to kill the Landraider (as does the Platoon command with 3 Meltaguns on short range)

In the meantime more deepstriking Terminators assault the artillery.

And blow it up in the end- taking one of their own with them in the engulfing fire. The colossus flees to avoid being killed next. The game ends with a draw in Killpoints.

3rd game: Eldar - Stick together and look sharp.

Behind you! The Rangers infiltrate into my rear.

The scorpions to the right.

After the Vendettas outflank once more the command platton's Flamers cleare the woods of some Eldar.

Sure, Scatterlaser can penetrate Chimera armour- but not like this!

Maybe one gets overconfindet after killing off 1st Platoon with the Avatar and a wraithlord in one turn. (Did I mention, that I hate flamers on monstrous creatures?) but here is some basic math put to a test:
4 Scorpions attacking the whole 2nd Platoon will get you 4 dead Eldar and a smiling commissar. If you don't beleive it try it again with 5 Dire Avenger and repeat the lesson.

On the other side- stationary artillery is a present for assaulting Firedragons.

In the end I kill off everything but a Falcon (holofileds still anger me) and wonder how the Avatar and Wraithlord could even get into assaultrange in turn two although they started 24" away- seems I am too trustfull concerning the movement of my opponent.
edit: I was wrong- thanks to my readers for pointing out that the Pythagorean theorem proves that he was only 16,97" away.

Other impressions show the Eldar I faced getting battered by another Necron army.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Modeling for the Officer of the Fleet is done- I like the the headgear. In german it's called "Schiffchen" - I have no Idea what it's called in English. I had him wear a mantle so he doesn't need to suffer from the cold on Vostroya.


The basemodel for an Office of the Fleet for the Vostroyan army I am working on.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Notice the scratchbuilt lascannons.