At a certain point in my hobby career I realized that I was actually pretty good at what I was doing. I have painted armies models, skirmish squads and whole armies at a time. I also did conversions and even som sculpts from scratch. What I also learned that it is very much up to my motivation on what comissions I take and therefore decided individually for every inquiry. That said, I can say that I almost all the time will do conversions and singel miniatures because these are limited to a short amount of time and motivation is alwys high- which directly results in quality.


Quality first. I live in Austria and have German heritage and as with so many products originating from these two countries I want my work to be of highest quality. There is no Alpha level or Beta level. I do all my comissions with the same standard which is rathr high.


Since quality comes with a pricetag I find it fair to work on time wage and all my prices are based on a calculation of how much time it will take me to finish the project. I will work for two BigMac per hour (whatever they cost at that time) and as long as it needs to get a model done. Painting a single mini takes me about four hours, converting varies greatly but is almos never under five hours.
To give you an idea on how much I earn with each model you can take a look at the Big Mac index (the BigMac currently costs € 3,30- at my local McDonald's.)

If you want a comission just leave me a message here with mail adress and I will gladly get in contact with you.