Design improved

After some research and coding I now have altered the Design so far as to have a second sidebar and the colors to match my army. I also worked out a banner which I quiet like.

edit: And I am now officially a proud member of the FtW Blogger group. Thanks go out to Ron Saikowsky for letting me in. Read his blog for extremely useful tips on everything related to our hobby. If you want to know what this is just follow the link on the right side.


suneokun said…
Wow, love your Exodite force! What's the cosposition? 1/2 Eldar and 1/2 Dark Eldar?

Beautiful painting!
Gamers World said…
Love the force and your guys look good. I also want to no the composition.
Cannonfodder said…
Thanks for the feedback. The components are mostly Dark Eldar warriors with eldar guardians. Some striking scorpions bodies, firedragon heads and the obvious Carnosaur.

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