Eldar Firehawk

The infamous Void Dragon Corsairs have been a plague on Imperial trade routes and settlements. They are known to lend their sevices to Dark Eldar forces as well as those of the Craftworld Eldar. On occasion these raiders were also hired by Exodite worlds to fight a common enemy.
There are several different types of spacecrafts they use- most commonly the Void Dragon Phoenix. The Phoenix is a heavily armed strike aircraft. Able to effectively engage both infantry and armour on the ground, while its sophisticated energy field protects it from enemy fire. While the role of the Phoenix is an allround fighterbomber there is a more specialised vehicle:
the Fire Hawk.
Armed with two Scatter Lasers and a nose mounted Pulse Laser his primary task is to engage enemy aircrafts.

I took up work on a project I started earlier this year. It's an air supperiority fighter for my exodite army. "Exodites don't have spacecrafts!" I hear you say and I would agree on that although they at some point in history before the fall they used spacecrafts to flee the eldar space and get to where they are now. But I think of this flyer more as support from some Eldar raiders. They lend their service to everyone willing to pay their price and when it comes to fighting your ground batlles without having to worry about attacks from up high there is no price too high. In short words here is what I did come up with:

The conversion is based on an eldar falcon grav tank. The main problem was the asynchronous build of the starting model. I sewed the kit in parts, removed a good bit and fit it back together. After that I did a lot of modeling with epoxyputty and plastic card to create the curved surfaces which make up the eldar look and feel. The whole thing needed to be sanded afterwards to smooth the rough surfaces.

Currently I'm in the process of painting it up. The pictures show it during modeling and sanding- then priming. Paintwise I am going for a very colorful lava scheme in yellow/orange. It will be contrasted by black rocky parts with ghostly screaming skulls on them which I inted to paint freehand. Stay tuned for more pictures as I continue this weekend.