Eldar Firehawk - Mastering lava

Progress this weekend on the Firehawk. I managed to pull off a considerabel good lava effect. I built up the colors form Vallejo Red Gore to a 50-50 mix of Sunburst yellow and pure white. For the next time I learned that I need less reds and more yellows.
The orange colors provided by GW and Vallejo are both crap if you ask me. I bought some GW orange just in case my paint was the only bad one- don't bother using it either. Anyway- next steps are to rework the black parts to give them more depth. I think about darkening the skullparts as well as the black grey is still too bright for me. I plan to accomplish this with a black glaze.


Harun said…
Dude, that is AWESOME!

Not only is the paint job jaw-dropping - LOVE the skulls - God I wish I could paint freehand like that!

But the conversion is terrific too.

Great job man.

I would love to see a step by step lava painting tutorial.
Cannonfodder said…
Thanks for the nice words. Painting lava isn't that hard after all (and so is painting skulls)- but considering your input I might post my way of doing it in the future.