How the Stegadon will change my army

As I saw the pictures of the new stegadon on Bell of Lost Souls I was wondering if I could incorporate him into my Exodite army. Actually I was more than just wondering- I am sure I will and that's how:

Wraithlord. Sure call one could think- there is only one problem: I already field my Dragonknights as Wraithlorsd. Compared to the stegadon though they look less- so what to do? It struck me when hitting the pillows this weekend and I thought to myself "why didn't I think of this earlier? To point it out more clearly:

The Exodite Worlds are led by clans who follow their baron or king. The Baron is leading the clans in times of piece and marches with them to battle in times of war first row- so he is most likely a great warrior and strategist. That's why I immediatly fielded an autarch as the baron and gave him a raptor as a mount (gamewise representing an Eldar Jetbike) . His logical weapon of choice is a Laserlance since the fluff says the nobles of exodite society measure themselves in tjosting duels. I was so stuck to this idea that I never thought about something so obvious that fills this role as good if not even better:

The Avata
r will become my new HQ choice making room for the stegadon to become my Wraithlord. Why you ask? Because the baron tamed a Carnosaur >:) ! He has Balistic skill of 5 and makes good use of it- wielding a big fusion gun (Wailing Doom). He is tough as a nail and has a boneshield (3+/4+ save). And he inspires his followers around him to fight harder (no fear for everyone around him). I am so00 looking forward to remodel my existing dragonknight to makle him more noble until the release of the stegadon- I can't tell you...

I would be interested in yout thoughts on this step and if yu think other players will accept the standins (rulewise)


RonSaikowski said…
I wonder how long before that Stegadon makes it into someone's Ork army as a Squiggoth.
Ranillon said…
I had the same idea when I saw the new model -- they would work great for certain "count as" Exodite units I have in mind.
Phill MADCT said…
I use a squiggoth as a stegadon, cause the metal one can suck it:
Cannonfodder said…
Funny- never saw it the other way round. Thnaky ou for sharing

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