How to dress for the creative part

When beginning to paint I usually go to change clothes. The one reason is that I wear a suit when coming from work and the other is that I always- and I mean always- drop something sticky or painty when spending time on my hobby. Be it superglue, paint or even worse resin. I once ruined my new Levis when working on a clear river diorama- believe me from then on you can use that trouser for nothing else since this stuff can only be removed with a pair of scissors.

Today (it's sunday) I got dressed, decide to paint and didn't want to change again. So I went to the cellar and took out the cloak I used when I was painting my walls- why didn't I come up with this earlier?

On to painting! Have a nice weekend.


Gamers World said…
Nice idea, I just sit down and paint, sometimes I roll up my sleeves. Generally only py hands get paint on them.
RonSaikowski said…
I usually work at a desk when I paint and such so getting stuff on me isn't as big of a problem.