The Path of the Outcast - some background

I thought I should bring you some background to the name of my blog "The path of the Outcast". I consider myself and every other visitor to my blog as a visitor to the Exodites. We stay with them for some time, get to know a little about them and then head back to our own life...Therefor becoming what the Eldar call an "outcast".


Many Eldar take the Path of the Outcast during their lives, leaving their Craftworlds and seeking adventure in the wide universe. These Outcasts travel between the stars in their spacecraft. They search for Maiden Worlds to settle, and visit the Exodite worlds where they may live amongst their distant cousins.
Outcasts are common enough on the Exodite worlds, often seeking the patronage of one of the Eldar tribes. In return they fight alongside the tribe's warriors and, for a while at least, enjoy the freedom of mind which is impossible on the Craftworlds. Sometimes Outcasts settle permanently amongst the Exodites, or upon some uninhabited world, and become the first settlers of a new Eldar colony. To the Exodites the Outcasts are strange romantic figures, the masters of a hidden lore and way of life which is arcane and archaic. They bring skills which the Exodites value highly, and so are always made welcome at the courts of the tribal Eldar.