Path of the outcast changes

Because of my change in tabletop habits in the last months I have decided to change the blog into something else- something more in fact. I have until now used the blog to give home to my Exodite army while I maintained my personal website (which is older) and had all my tabletop activities on it. I am now working on a relaunch of my website which will include the purging of all tabeltop topics from it and only focusing on my family- giving it more the place it deserves. So my blog will become the new home of my hobby in all it's glory.
This means:
  • info on events I participate
  • painting
  • converting
  • plans I have and may or may not turn into reality
  • my personal view of tabletop gaming

On another note: I think- or am quite sure that I have become addicted to purchasing stuff on the internet. It's mainly tabletopstuff but I think it's the point to say "better safe than sorry" and that's why I will stop buing stuff at once. Got to proof that I am stronger/ reasonable enough before it takes overhand.