New Exodite Conversion found

edit 2009-04-17: So, I did it again- I overwrote an article without noticing- That's one of the drwabacks of my Lightbox. I will do my best now to rewrite it- sorry for the stupid me, myself and I.

I found a great conversion on the web the other day and stumbled upon it again just now. Please note that this is not my work- but I admire the style and the effort put into it. I also think the use of the armor plates is the way to convert my dragon riders and have already begun to search for bits. I got the permission of the owner to post some pics - thanks a lot at this point. Please find Garry's his work on his thread at the Work in Progress Forum and in my "Exodite on the Web Links" to the right. All credit and copyrights lie with him.
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