Emperor's Champion WIP

Yesterday I invested some hours into my bitsbox and dug out the pieces for my Emperor's Champion. Although I want to stick to WYSIWYG strictly as he is intended for tournament play I see my Armycommanders as a must for custom creations. With this in mind I chose weapon options which make no difference rulewise because he still has his standard equipment.
The Black Swords are two Aegis Force Weapons while his Bolt pistol is holstered. As you can see the one sword is from the Grey Knight Justicar while the other is converted to look like the original. The left shoulder pad is from the deaathwatch since all Space Marines in my self created chapter- -the GrimAngels-have to serve in the edathwatch at some point in their career.
The legs and the helmet are from a Khorne Berzerker sprue while the torso is of Codex Marine origin. I built up the armor with miliput (for sharp edges)At the waist he is hightened and the tabard is modelled by hand(green stuff). The backpack is a combination of parts from the DarkAngels veteran sprue.