Wyvern Dread conversion

I am a busy man right now. I am preparing for the Austrian Championships in 40k where I plan to field my GrimAngels Space Marines. I have not even painted or assembled this army yet but the reason for fielding them is simply that I do not have any other army that is strictly WYSIWYG!
Yeah, you read rigt: All my 40k armies are conversions and standins and the rules of that tournament are extremely strict. That's why my Dark Adeptus Mechanicus army was rejected.Nevertheless I show you some units and their way through various steps of creation. I am especially proud of the weathering which I learned during their creations (and from the Forgeworld Master Class book).
The Wyvern Dread is one of the standins for a Chaos dreadnought. The weapons are a Heavy Flamer and a second Dreadnought closecombat weapon (CCW) since I don't like him blasting my own units with a lot of firepower. It is converted form the arms and legs of a Defiler and a lot of other bits. Work in Progress shows it with mount for Bolters which I later changed because I didn't like the look of it. The Necron Weaponary is a theme found in the complete army since the background has the Fallen Admech plunder and adopt Gauss technology.