Grim Angels primer accident - Imperial Guard List 1750

After a brutal accident with my primer I ruined 15 Terminators and 10 Dark Angel Veterans. I think it was too windy outside and so I got unwanted mist of primer on them. After that treatment they felt like sandpaper, but the worst thing was that when coming into touch with paint- the paint was soaked up by the pimer (WTF!?!) It feels like painting on Sand, the paint spreads everywhere and that makes painting impossible.
This was really frustrating since I was hoping to place best painted with the army- a plan I have discarded by now.

Anyway- now I have to switch to something else and my choice fell on the Imperial guard. Here is the list I plan to field.

HQ Company Command 175
HQ DH: Inquisitor Lord 65

ELITES DH: Assassin Operative 120
ELITES Psyker Squad 165

TROOPS Platoon Command 105
TROOPS Infantry Squad 1 115
TROOPS Infantry Squad 2 80
TROOPS Infantry Squad 3 80
TROOPS Infantry Squad 4 70
TROOPS Heavy Weapon Squad 75
TROOPS Special Weapon Squad 50
TROOPS Veteran Squad 95

FAST ATTACK Vendetta 130
FAST ATTACK Vendetta 130

HEAVY SUPPORT Manticore 160