Acid Lake Bases

These were made for a friend who has extended his Chaos Space Marine army. Originally made as Lava bases for a daemon army the mold these resin bases are cast from has soon after become popular with this design. You just gotta love the fluorescent colors from Vallejo.

Don't look directly into the green- your eyes might get hurt.


g-g said…
sehr sehr nice:)
Cannonfodder said…
not so shiny in real life though.
oni said…
Those look like they'll glow in the dark. Hmmm... Ideas forming.

Honestly, I see those bases and the first thing that jumps into mind is 'perfect for Necrons'.
Cannonfodder said…
Honestly- nothing that could desolve should get near them. Not even living metal ^^
Keep in mind "This is no Simple Green"