Dark Adeptus Generic Daemons

Hooray! After long hours of searching I today stumbled over models which ressemble all the ideas I have for my Generic Daemons. My Dark Adeptus is in need of some daemon models for a long time but I couldn't point to what I was looking for until I stumbled over the work of Catpeeler on Dakkadakka. (Find his thread here) Thank you for this wonderfull idea- I will definetly use it for my army. So simple- yet so fitting.

Images are courtesy of catpeeler from dakkadakka


sovietspace said…
Those are really awesome! How many are yo intending to have?
Cannonfodder said…
I think I will buy a Box of 10 Bloodletters as a beginning. Playtestign shall show if more are needed. But I field them mainly for asthetic reason- as is true for my whole Dark Adeptus army.
These look awesome. I love the merging of daemon and machine very effectively created. These will look phenomenal painted I reckon. A friend of mine is doing a Giger inspired Daemon army using lots of Necron and Tyranid bits as well to create that bio-mechanical look. I'll point him in the direction of these for some extra inspiration if that's ok with you? :)
Cannonfodder said…
totally ok- these are not my creations. As written I found them today on dakkadakka and will use the designs too. The link top the post is in the blog. have fun.
oni said…
They're pretty freekin' awesome.

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