Jetbike Warlock Prototype #1 WIP - Part 3

After some additional modeling work I think I am done with this fella. What did I change? I reworked the Lance to make it look more like a spear by cvarving it down. Although I din't succeed in removing the lance-feel to it, I think I can not do it any better right now- at least I have no idea how to. I also added an Eldar Rune for more 40k feeling. Another 40k bit was added to the riders right side: shuriken clips and a plasma grenade. This helps to conter the low tech feel of the shield I added. I decided that he can use weapon and shield since he steers the bike with his feet (surely no problem for skilled riders like Eldar). Speaking of it- I was pointed at the stirrups and reworked them as well. I removed a little of the leather strips and connected them to a piece of wire which I stuck through the bike after carefully drilling a hole in there. The bike's fins were decorated with two gems made of putty and the last thing I added was an atenna at the rear- not too sure about this bit.



eldaraddict said…
Looks great! I have been wanting to make a seer council for some time now, and am going to copy your idea. I love the spear and shiel. That is a great shield for the eldar as well. Great Work!
Dverning said…
Wow, that was quick work. I do like the revisions.
Keep the wings in the back! It really helps distinguish it as a Craftworld bike. Also, glad I could help with the item on stirrups.
Cannonfodder said…
Yes- I was feeling that the conversion has come to an end. I will now paint it up and make plans for how to reproduce the other 7 warlock-bikes. After sleeping over it I think I have an idea on how to improve the spear. Needs some testing.