Jetbike Warlock Prototype #1 WIP - Part 4

Primed and ready to go- or so I thought. As always the primed object shows all imperfections. I feared this moment of truth and decided to fix the flows where possbile. The sculpting of the canopy was less then optimal to say the least- It even showed a fingerprint - shame on me! Bad thing for me is that I only find out now after already having casting nine pieces. So I took out my sanding paper and removed the uneven parts. If you are interested I use a graining of 180 for the rough work and sand it down with 400 to get a smooth surface.


Anonymous said…
I just found your blog during a search for other exodites and I like the work you do here! I like that you've posted the work of other exodite converters out there and thought I'd share my own work, which is viewable in the gallery at

Keep converting!
Cannonfodder said…
Hi Gavin, thx for sharing. I just recognize that I lost my list of other exodites on the web- darn. Have to put it back on again. Nice wraithlord btw. cheers