More Exodites on the web

Hi guys! Today I did me regular search on Exodites on the web and found another army which I did not know by now. He has some nice conversions and chose a very feral aproach. I added him to the list to the right.

Here is the link to his album on Photobucket.

And then I found another fellow FtW member with his current Exodite project-Sekhem Ra- Funny, I didn't find him sooner. Guys, drop me a line when you also play Exodites and want to be listed her! ;) Anyhow- good painter aswell.

Find proof on his blog here.


graham said…
Hi, Just found your blog, im Macewind, the guy who did the exodite army youve kindly linked too. (the one with the undercoated cold on weapon platform) Just thought youd like to know theres a blog with lots more pictures of the full army here and also im starting a new blog, with a whole new exodite army in a winter theme here
Drop me a line if you wanna chat or anything, I love the firehawk, may have to steal that!
Cannonfodder said…
Hi Graham, thank you for your comment. I am currently expanding my Exodite force as well and hope to get more exodite stuff going again. I tend to float aroudn armies a lot.
Your new hunters looks great as well- very good poses and use of bits. Sorrily I can not post in the painteddragon forum since I am no user there but I will have a lookout on your progress. Feel free to use the Firehawk idea. Another project still not finished- I have a cellar full of it.
graham said…
Thanks for the complement, the old exodites actually won best army at WHW in the great crusade campaign weekend, im hoping to get it again with the new force :D

I know what you mean about unfinished projects, ive got a genestealer cult thats been begging to be finished for years now!

Looking forward to seeing more of your army as it progresses, I think youve got a very unique look with your force and I love the carnosaur.

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