Jetbike Warlock Prototype #1 WIP - Part 1

Back in march I did a Bloodcrusher conversion using the bits of Dark Eld Coldone Knights and Bloodletters. (You can find them here). This left me with the riders still on their sprues. I plan on building my Exodite Dragon Knights based on the Dark Elf sprue at some point but need the Coldones for this- so what do I do with the Knight models I have?
I decided on building a mounted Seer Council for a standard Eldar army. Below you can find WIP shots of my first prototype. It is based on an Eldar Jetbike canopy which was remodeled with greenstuff and casr. The body of the bike is mainly a Dark Eldar Jetbike- since I will do a lot of chopping I also made myself a cast of the engine and seat part. Throw in the shuriken weapons, an Eldar Guardian head an blend the parts together with some brown and this is what you get.

To be continued...


g-g said…
lol^^ das ding schaut aus wie ein dildo*g*
Cannonfodder said…
whoaaa! Ich mach mir Sorgen wenn euer Sexspielzeug so ausschaut!
Wintics said…
Die Dinger sind ja GENOPPT :P

Schöne Arbeit :-)

Cannonfodder said…
Ich merk schon- da kommt was falsch rüber. Das ist eigentlich eine Wirbelsäule- muss es wohl bemalen damit das nimma zu Missinterpretationen führt.


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