Jetbike Warlock Prototype #1 WIP - Part 2

I continued the work on the jetbike and warlock. I used plasticard for the fins of the bike- glued them in place with superglue and fixed it with brownstuff. The lance was reworked to look more like an eldar weapon by adding a gem and other detail. The upper torso got a cloak- not sure if I will continue with fabric on his lower body as well. I think the chainmail does the trick just right. Suggestions?

Warlocks have nothing to compensate!


Akenseth said…
Nice lance. It definitely looks like an Eldar weapon now.

Whenever I've used the legs for the Eldar conversions I've done I've just left the chain mail as well. I had originally thought of removing it, but then I just thought about how Eldar armor used to look like and was described on how it worked (like chainmail).
Cannonfodder said…
Good hint- After looking at it again today I also think that I will stay with the original lower body.
The lance is still not what I want it to be. The Eldar look is ok now but I can't put my finger on what is wrong.
Dverning said…
Looking much better. I think the trick with the Lance is that it looks like a Lance (ala Shining Spears) and not a Singing Spear. It's the point of grip, fluted hand protection and general shaping. I think it could also do with some ribbons or something on it, but that's me.

And I'd stick with the chainmail as it looks right for mesh armour. Even though monomolecular woven mesh armour would probably just look like cloth... we're talking look, not realism.

The only qualm I have is the stirrups. Right now the look to be hanging from the radiator... but I don't know what could be done about that.

Cheers and thanks for the inspiration.
Cannonfodder said…
Stirrups- a light frame or ring that holds the foot of a rider

Okay! Had to learn the word. I didn't even notice by now. I will try to find something - also I am not sure what to do with his other hand. I don't think that I can put it to a handlde- "Mind over Matter Steering" most likely.

The lance is undergoing a little more treatment right now.