Family affairs

This is the newest reason why I do not get to a lot of 40k these days- A beautiful reason that is my newest offspring Elise born on 4th September. On the second pic with my 1,5 years old son Eric.


Wintics said…

Hoffe euch gehts allen 4 Gut vorallem der Mama nach den Strapazen ;-)

Da hat er sich den 1en Platz verdient ;-)

Lg aus Wien

Cannonfodder said…
Danke danke- morgen Mittwoch ├╝bergebe ich an Tom ;)
Congratulations! A little beauty ;)
PalinMoonstride said…
I just had my second child also. My son's second birthday is in 2 months so I know exactly how you feel!
Cannonfodder said…
Thanks to all of you. @ Palin: I am not sure yet of how I feel. stressed I think