Jawaballs painting contest - part 2

I am alomst done. I have taken photos now and spotted some more spots which could need a touch up- As you can see I have added a base to the model and no, it is no SpaceHulk but a desert wasteland theme. I am also thinking of replacing the whatever it is called that Lorenzo wears over his head with a banner.

What do you think?



g-g said…
ok wow-der sieht wirklich phänomenal aus:) hut ab!!
einziger "kritikpunkt" ist,dass schulterpanzer und mantel die selbe farbe haben-mantel in purpur wär vl noch eine option gewesen! aber das ändert nix daran wie genial der gute ist:)
Cannonfodder said…
Danke- Bezüglich der Farben hab ich mich (nachträglich betrachtet zu sehr am Original orientiert. Vielleicht geh ich da nochmal drüber.
sovietspace said…
Great work mate, a brilliant paint job. In addition, I do love how you've made the base, allowing you to use the model for Space Hulk and 40k. Its an idea I may have to steal!
Cannonfodder said…
Thx for the fluttery. Feel free to use the base idea. I simply put him on a 40mm base and used miliput to get the outer shape of the Spacehulk base. After basing it with PVA glue and sand it sticks together quiet firmly so there is not really a need to magnetize.