Jawaballs painting contest - part 1

The 360° image is courtesy of Games-Workshop. I use it for reference since it does a very good job in capturing the paintshop Neil Green accomplished. I wonder if I can reproduce it for jawaballs 1st painting contest. I will sure try and use it to push my limits.


In short it says:
  1. Paint one BLOOD ANGELS terminator using Blood Angels colors.
  2. Provide 6 images of your model. -Three of them of finished model, from 3 different angles- Three other images of your model, will be taken showing progress. Take a picture of your modle being started, take a picture of the mid point, and take a picture of the finished model.
  3. Pictures must be received no later then 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on Friday, October 9th.
I choose Sgt. Lorenzo because he is the most complex model in Space Hulk and I like his cape. Just primed him- time to take 1st photo.


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