Jawaballs painting contest - part 3

I have finished the work on my contest entry and just submitted it. After asking for feedback on my Release Candidate on an Austrian forum I got superb feedback- it seems I got a little snowblind during working on him. So I invested another 2 or 3 hours into the model to incorparate the ideas I was given and this is what I did:
  • I picked Sgt. Lorenzo because I like the model a lot and originally sticked to the original paint scheme. During the project I found some spots where I believe my choice of colors is better and therefore stepped of the original a little. The red tones and the method of highlighting them was one of the points. I rarely highlight red with orange or yellow. Instead I usually start with a very dark red over a black undercoat and layer up to a brigt shiny tone. I reduced the color pallete to get the focus back on the model. All gems and lenses are painted green (except for one- can you find it?). My Power Weapon fits into this scheme as well.
  • I added a base to field the model in 40k games. I do not intend to use him in Space Hulk games anymore- because I play it with Imperial Stormtroopers but I made it modular anyway.
  • The cauldron on top of the armor was replaced with a banner and I used a decal for the first time in ten years. Because I used Microsol and Microset it cones along very well. On the back I painted a freehand in NMM gold to make the backview more interesting. Another freehand can be found on the Stormbolter-again NMM gold. In the end I weathered the lower parts of the model to fuse it to his base.

I am very pleased with the outcome and would be interested in your feedback!


Nick said…
Amazing job. I had intended to enter the contest but with procrastination and seeing your awesome job it would be futile :)

Great work. Love the banner especially.
Cannonfodder said…
Thank you. But seeing other's work should never stop you from entering. Care to show pictures anyway?
oni said…
Great work all around.
Michael said…
discouraging to see such a well painted model in the competition ;)

although I suspected as much, I see my chances of winning becoming nonexistent.

but I will still enter of course.

but great job, the painting is superb!
Dverning said…
Very nice work there! I love when there's a big blog contest like this as it's really neat to see so many different takes on the same theme. Very inspiring.
Cannonfodder said…
Thanks for your replies. I am on a trip abroad right now and am surprised to find that i can blog on my phone. Sadly the browsing experience is rather unconformatable. Looking forward to seeing more entries.