Jawaballs painting contest - part 4

Seems like I made final cut. Let's see what comes out of it- tension is sure high (clicking reload on jawas website like every ten minutes).



On a sidenote I do not really paint a lot these days. It seems to be the weather or the short days because of the beginning wintertime. On top of it I am not so much into converting letalone playing 40k right now either. Currently I spend my evenings with my fiance, computergames (left 4 dead, red alert 3) or sleeping because the little ones take their well deserved time. Anyway, they are good fotostuff as well- enjoy!


Longscope said…
Family IS the most important thing, but like you, i'm not painting all that much right now.

Granted, in arizona it's hot as hell (literally) in the summer, so that keeps me from doing any spraying, but now that the winter is coming I'm leaning towards doing some more work.

Keep us updated man :)
cute kids btw.
Cannonfodder said…
Hi Longscope. Thanks for the kind words. Here in Austria summer is the time to paint- winter is the time to freeze ^^ I'd sure like to be in Arizona right now.
Anyway, I just need to motivate- maybe I should accept the one or other commission and get it to motivate me ;)
g-g said…
süß der kleine-wenngleich klein langsam nicht mehr zutrifft:)
bin schon auf die neuesten ideen gespannt!
Michael said…
Grats on making the finals!

I did too, but I don't think my model will quite stand up to yours . . .

I imagine I will see mine tomorrow in the #4 spot, but that is better than I had hoped.

I'm on pins and needles too over it all, kinda funny, that little plastic men have me so wound up.

Anyways, good luck to you! Hope to see you at the top with me!
Cannonfodder said…
Thanks for the comment Michael. Just had another look at your final entry. Good work- really.