Broodlord conversion WIP

I don`t know anybody who likes the "why me?" pose of the new broodlord. Although the sketches for the ubergenestealer had some potential the final mold failed at some points. I tried to solve those problems and put my hands (saw, glue and putty) on the job.
Feeder tendrils do not only work well rulewise- they look cool aswell- so be it. To make the best out of the pose I bent the lord down on the ground making him look like he is lurking in the swamps. That was also the idea for the base which features my first watereffects.
Since I had the alien stealers planed as his bodyguard I remodeled the head to a "blind"version and added a muscular tail. The forearms are the scything talons of an old lictor model-
I must say that this turned out as one of my alltime favorite conversions and I am sad to say that the clear varnish wimped it up in the end.

As you can see the WIP shots are from 2007. The model is long finished- Photos tomorrow.


Dezartfox said…
Love it!
Very menacing :)
Silar said…
That would scare me if I met that on a battlefield! Great work.

Would as make for a great monster for a one of game of necromunda. (Imagining my Goliath gang getting shredded by this)
Ricalope said…
excellent job. any plans for a queen?
Cannonfodder said…
@Silar: Yeah that's definitely something you wouldn't wanna meet in a underhive. But worse maybe is a lictor- cause you wont see it coming.

@Ricalope: I had thought about it. But until now I didn't take that step. The mainreason beeing that modelwise it would be a footslogging Hivetyrant with only cc weapons. Not my stile of play.