Chooser of the Slain WIP 01

I did my first aproach on modeling a figure from scratch. Since a friend asked me if I could do a model for a Chooser of the Slain (a Space Wolve equipment which helps agains infiltrators) I just said "I'll try" and gave it a run.
For modeling I use Grey Stuff mixed with Milliput Terracotta. He is quiet a big birdie but thats what you get when you ask for a super bred raven thing.


g-g said…
hut ab,schaut gut aus!:) die kopf-partie k├Ânnte noch etwas arbeit vertragen,aber man sieht auf jeden fall schon was es sein soll
Cannonfodder said…
Ja, der Kopf kommt heut weiter dran. Mit Bionics und so Zeug.
Corvus said…
I love ravens! :) Looking forward to the finished product.

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