Flying Hive Tyrant "Flyrant"

The flying Dakkarant- my one unit that has always to be with me depends of course on the army I field. But making the choice narrower I would cut it down to my Flying Dakkatyrant. For the non Tyrand players it is a monstrous creature with wings that can unleash a storm of living ammo on it's victim. Speaking gamerules these are 12 twinlinked shots with BS4 and S5. With T6 a 3+ Sv and four wounds he will most likely be around a long time making my opponent suffer... a lot. I love him for his flexibility in games and he gives me the initiative by putting pressure on the enemy.

The model: Created form the awsom Carnifex sprue and balrog wings. The beast is constructed as a two-part model for safe transportation and shows of an arial raid on a poor imperial scout.
There are several greenstuff parts on this model: namely the tail, the feet/claws, the devourers and the head- which is converted from two different carnifex heads.
The scout is a converted rider of Rohan from GWs Lord of the Rings tabletop.
Finally, the base features a solid rock to give enough weight to keep the model from falling over.
The paint job is tabletop quality since I needed to build the army rather quick for tournament reasons. I used the dipping methods which just works fine for Tyranids, as I think. The fact, that this model is not too shiny comes with the varnish I used to seal- On a second thought, I should have picked a glossier one.

Starting with this post I declare this month to be Tyranid November. Expect to see more soon!


THAT is a stunning model!
the other Kevin said…
Wow, really great scene here. Nice idea to make it a two piece as well.
Mr.Esty said…
Wow, that thing is impressive!
Ricalope said…
Pure flying awsomeness!
Cannonfodder said…
Thank you all for your comments. I see there are quiet some Tyranid fans out there ^^
g-g said…
igitt:) da werden schlimme erinnerungen wach,vorallem in kombination mit deinem "rööööhr" ^^
jabberjabber said…
Brilliant work!! I like the pose of the beast -- especially how it is grasping the doomed horse rider.
Cannonfodder said…
@gg: It's spelled "BRAAAAAAAAAAAA!"
@jabberjabber: Thx
dzer0 said…
Absolutely brilliant, that would make a beautiful centerpiece for any army.
Sytus said…
Nice,mate,I'm doing a bit of a "tyranid November",myself, actually.

Check out

Awesome models,I love a good winged tyrant!
Cannonfodder said…
Hi Sytus. I jnow your blog since I have been there when you first posted your techmarine and the lasercannon eye gaunts ;) Show us some pics of your work!

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