After about a year of playing I built myself a ravener. The mainreason was that I needed something that was fast, cheap and could take mission objectives in the last round of games (4.th edition). Raveners fit in here quiet good since they only need a squad of one model and can fleet and assault 12" if needed.

I like the current models of the raveners very much but they are too expensive when bought new and somwhow not avaiable on ebay. When I bought a tyranid lot of a player who quitted I had some warriortorsos and used them as a bases. The tail is greenstuff and miliput modeled around some wire. The head is a combination of a genestealerface and the armorplate of a warriorhead. The weapons are scyting talons from a hormagaunt and a warrior and the rending claws as well- The base is again a washer which gives the model a perfect standing on the table.

Maybe I will add another two when the new codex comes out in January- we'll see.


Max said…
Ausgezeichnet conversion!
Cannonfodder said…
Deutsching it up again? ^^