Red Terror / Trygon WIP

Swallow model whole. Yess- I need one because the original model is too wimpy to swallow even a grot. Being inspired by the movie blade 2 I built something nasty and glibbery.

In the end I constructed my biggest bady ever and am now even thinking of fielding him as a Trygon. See for the WIP pictures to find out what I did...

Since he is long painted, I will show you more tomorrow.


Silar said…
Nice conversion loving the split jaw, good use of the blade 2 idea. Can't wait to see it tomorrow painted up.
Cannonfodder said…
Thank you Silar. I will post on him later this day and hope you will not be disappaointed. ^^
oni said…
Wow! Awesome work. What bitz did you use to build it?
Cannonfodder said…
Id my memory serves me right:
- Carnifex Head
- Canrifex Backplate
- Carnifex Scythe Tail
- Carnifex Scything Talons
- Warrior Scything Talons
- Hormagant Scything Talons
- (old) Hive Tyrant Torso lower part