Ripper swarms

At some point I added Rippers to my army just because I had the models lying around. I was not very fond of them because compared to swarmbases of other 40k-fractions they have bad stats. Less weaponskill, worse save and so on.

When playing them I found out that this often doesn`t matter a lot. They die fast anyway but are resilient enough to stall a suqad of elite closecombat infantry for one turn so that I can shoot them to pieces next turn. Its sometimes the better idea to waste 50 of their points in order to just keep 3 stealers alive which can then carve thier way through lesser opponents.

I had no bases left so I built my one- 40mm diameter washers with pieces of cork add three rippers per base- DONE. They have a very solid standing now too. :)

edit: Seems like the Alienstealers made it into the Top10 on Ryan's list on FTW- I am honoured.