Sniperfex. Called like this because of it's skills in killing tanks from a distance it's venom cannon - barbed strangler mix makes short work of armour at 36". And as tough as one can wish for it even frightens Characters , Obliterators and alike because of the potential to insta-kill them. Again, I have more of them since I played a lot of Nidzilla in 2008.


eriochrome said…
Sniperfexes picked up both a boost and big nerf in 5th ed rules. The glancing not destroying tanks is a really problem for nids but the large blast no longer disappearing into thin air is good.
the other Kevin said…
I'd be scared of that one too; he looks mean. Great work!
Raptor1313 said…
I kind of have to disagree on their 'kill vehicles' thing; the venom cannon glances can keep them distracted but probably own't hurt them. A single S8 shot that is semi-accurate is...also not that impressive.

That being said, it's still about as good as it gets for the 'nid dex, and hopefully it gets slightly more useful guns come the new codex.

That aside, it's a freakin' sweet paint job. I'm a big fan of the striated carapace look.
Cannonfodder said…
As you have pointed out- the tank killing capability is limited in 5th edition. Still, it is the only weapon on 36" that can destroy AV14. With the arrival of the 5th edition I also magnetized their arms to field them in CC versions where killing tanks becomes easier (as soon as you reach them).
But again- as so true for some other units- I am looking forward to the new codex in January.