Spearhead Carnifex - three of them

Dakkafex: Often regarded as the best price/value unit in a tyranid army. I can not say that he is not- It's hard to kill - shoots a lot and costs a mere 113 points. The horror for armies without a lot of antitank capabilities. I normaly field two of those- mainly as a shield for my stealers but also to because they only get effective at short range due to their devourers.
Later on I added a third to my army since I am experimenting with harder setups. So far he works fine- even better if put in the heavy support slots so he can use additional spinebanks granting him 10 strength 6 shots at 12" range.
To better distinguish my models I started to vary the colors slightly making them lighter or darker and also used different highlighting colors.

The last one can be seen just after dippin it in woostain. The others show the final results.


Raptor1313 said…
I'm a fan of the more earthy tones. I mean, 'nids are bugs and bugs come in all variety of colors. However, since I don't think 'nids are inherently poisonous (not that I'd eat one anyway), the earthy tones are more fitting.

A bug that stands out as neon green gets away with that because no one was going to eat them in the first place.

How long did it take to execute the streaked carapace? That also looks sweet.
Cannonfodder said…
The earthly gave them the name "Chocolate army" at some occasisons. ^^

The streaks are not that hard to make. They are three layers of browns with more and more pale sand /bleaches bone added. Took me about an hour per fex. I added another wash over it afterwards to merge the layers a bit more.