Tyranid Warriors

Warriors: The backbone of the synapse feature and therefor an essential part of my army setup. I equipped them with scything talons and rending claws so that an opponent thinks twice before assaulting them. 4 warriors will have the job of making my broods fearless- everything else is of secondary concern and a bonus. I love the models by the way.
Later on I equipped one squad to do some shooting damage. While holdig synapse range one barbed strangeler can do some damage although it`s only strength 4 when used by a warrior. But when hitting so soft but highpricy target (whychcult or Harlequins,...) it can save the day.


g-g said…
ich sags ja nur ungern...aber ich vermisse neues^^
Cannonfodder said…
Tyranid November- Im Dezember gibts wieder neues. Vor Allem Spacewolves und Auftragsarbeiten.