Vostroyan Infantry Color Test

I just finished the color test model for the vostroyan infantry. He came out pretty well and I even found the passion to include OSL effects for all the lenses. Time spent including basing was about 2,5 hours. I started from a primed (black) model and included the color testing and preparing the model snow. I think I can push the timelimit to about two hours on the next models- maybe even a little more when I do it in an assemby line.

Talking about snow- what do you think- is there any alternative to it since the guys are wearing winter head gear?


Brent said…
You know, it didn't even occur to me that it should be snow due to the heavy-winter gear. I used my standard basing scheme and it looks fine, but I see you're coming from a more artistic place, so snow is probably best.
Cannonfodder said…
Hi Brent- thx for the feedback. Care to share some of your Vostroyan pics? I would be really interested to see them.
Rogue Pom said…
The snow lloks really good and suits the mini - I really like how you have modelled it onto the bottom of the feet like it would do in real life.
g-g said…
das foto selbst haut mich jetzt nicht so um,wirkt irgendwie nicht so detailiert imho.
ALLERDINGS(!) sehen die sachen in natura immer 100% besser aus als auf den fotos,sogesehen schaut der sicher welt aus:)
Cannonfodder said…
Thx Pom,
@g-g: Which details are you missing? I am always open for suggestions and he is not sealed yet ;)

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