Witchhunter Inquisitor

A short break from Tyranid November since a friend of mine wanted to know how my sculpted raven looks.

This is my Witchhunter Inquisitor. I have quiet a lot of inquisitors since they are such perfectly 40kish fluff characters. The represent wonderful opportunites to create something cool and after all, that is, what I like best.
The conversion is based on the infamous Fabius Bile. I modeled a psychic rod to empale rogue psykers and the like. On it sits a raven who seems to feel comftable there. The psychic hood on his had is also custom built. I like the character of this guy a lot. The raven is actually sculpted with greenstuff while the backpack is the (in my opinion) best ever released Cypher version.


Max said…
Nice work- especially love the skull backpack. Really sets the tone for the model!
Cannonfodder said…
Yes, the lovely Cypher backpack is an eyecatcher. Thank you.