Vostroyan Face Tutorial

Since I saw Ron's tutorial on Raven Guard faces this week and I use a very similar aproach on painting faces, I thought make a tutorial the next time I paint some. Well- I just did for my Vostroyan commision and here you are.

First: the colors I used. In fact, these were only three for the skin tones (additional I use black for the eyes and brown for the moustache)
  • Vallejo Model Color # 70928 - Light Flesh
  • Citadel Workshop Ogryn Flesh wash
  • Citadel Gryphone Sepia wash

  1. Start with a black primed mini.
  2. Apply a coat of Light Flesh (mix color:water 2:1)
  3. Wash with Ogry Flesh 2 times
  4. Highlight selected face features with Light Flesh
  5. Wash with Ogryn Flesh
  6. Wash with Ogryn Flesh again
  7. Paint the eyes black (yes- I was a bit sloppy)
  8. Paint the eyeballs Light Flesh and take care to leave a small black rim
  9. Paint the iris with Black
  10. Highlight with Light Flesh (here I touched up my sloppy work)
  11. Put a white lightreflection into the eyes
  12. Wash with Gryphone Sepia
  13. Don't take a super close up unless you want to see the hard truth ;)


Anonymous said…
DER DER back to painting skool for you!
It appears to me like all the effort put on these eight steps does not pay for the final result.

Dont forget my maxime on painting (you know my models) : Maximum effect on minimum effort ;-)
Cannonfodder said…
@anonymous: Care to explain?

@FROFC: Pareto, I know. But I use every opportunity to improve and the fast 80% just don't do the trick for me. ;) But maybe you show a similar tutprial on how you do it- I would love that.