Gesso Priming part 1

After reading about priming on FTW Spotlight last week I wanted to try this myself. I used Gesso last year to prime the plaster cast of my pregnant wife's belly. Although the tutorials all show black or greyish Gesso I only have the white stuff and decided that it must suffit. The pictures schow the freshly primed model- another picture will follow when it has dried. The I shall paint it and we will see what comes of it.


Karitas said…
I find White gesso often needs more than 1 coat.

especially over metal.
Cannonfodder said…
seems true from what I can see. I will wait until tomorrow and desice then.
Dverning said…
Oh, oh, I know a bit about that post/spotlight! :-p

The black gesso is nice because it coats in one go. Gives a nice, flat, true-black coat that I really love. I haven't bought Chaos Black ever since. The downside is that it will make your models MUCH darker and muted. (Well, unless you're insane and willing to build up the transitions all the way...)

White tends to be a little milky and translucent, especially over metal. A second coat is good to ensure an even tone.

The combination of these is why I mostly use brown or gray gesso as my base these days.
Cannonfodder said…
Good input- thanks. I took a look this morning and can confirm that it is far from perfect. I will layer again and get me some grey Gesso in the future.