After my last post it was brought to my attention that one of my opponents of the torunamet yesterday felt insulted by my post. I hereby apologize in all form and would like to point out something I come across in my daily businesslife all too often and have not thought of concernig my postings: Misunderstandings.
I must say that I consider myself a very humorous person and my friends would agree when I say that my sayings and writings often include a big amount of sarcasm, self-irony and other things which are not meant to be taken seriously. Of course I cannont expect everyone to know or understand this and it is my responsibility to point it out- always. I will try to do so by use of smilies or sort of things but I also confess that I will not stop writing this way- I simply can't, it's part of me.

So for all of your regular readers out there: Please asume best intention when in doubt- I will not ever flame anyone here or anywhere else.