Freaks with bells

...I mean- who gets out into the snow covered battlefields of the 41st. century and has no shoes on?!? ^^

I thought about naming them Vostroyan Psykers but I am not really sure if that would be fitting. As I see it, they are just maniacs with all sorts of hurty bits in hands. I painted them glowing eyes to show warpenergy bursting out of the eyesockets. Since they lack most of the sci-fi stuff I just tried to blend them into the 40k universe with the colors of the main army.

They are ten models in total- and I wonder which of them is going to represent the overwatch dude which they need rulewise.

"Who wants some? Who said that?"

"Haha- You can't take a proper picture of me anyside..."

"What will it be? Warpfire or just the plane ringstick?"

I don't need my hands to put the pain on you!"

"I just hope the words on the scroll make sense cause I can't see them."

"Teeth? What teeth?"

"Rübezahl says flay on you"

"What do you mean with my stick is on fire- I can't see a flame"

"Look Mum, without hands"

"What did you say Skullstick- hit them hard?"


Michael said…
I like the minis. Good convert from fantasy to 40k.

And by the way, its on like Donkey Kong for the Heresy Online painting competition. I'll throw in one for the converting competition too. I think my new Librarian will fit the bill nicely.

I can't wait to see your work, as always it will be fantastic!
sovietspace said…
Awesome work, some great captions, really had me laughing out loud!

I'm always really keen to see how people do psykers battle squads. I know I want one at some point, I'm just trying to work out how! Thanks for the ideas :)
g-g said…
sehr geil:) overseer ist der mit der maske und dem stab^^ ist zwar auch ein irrer,aber nicht völlig gaga*g*
Cannonfodder said…
Thx for the kind words. I had a lot of fun painting them. The models just tells stories on themselves.
Concerning the Heresy Online contest I intend to enter both competitions and most likely with some Space Wolve stuff. See your work there Mike.