Vostroyan Infantry Melta Tutorial

My Vostroyan comission included the conversion of Guardsmen with Flamer to Melta equipped fodder since there aren't any Meltamodels for the Vostroyan line by GW yet (and I don't think that they will ever be produced).

The plan sounded all easy and the prototype worked out well- so I started mass production. Before doing so, I was thoughfull enough to take fotos of each step to make a tutrial- here you go:

What you need:
  1. Flamerdudes
  2. Plasticpipes
  3. Flowerwire
  4. Tools of the trade (Ruler, Small drillbits, Hobbyknife, Clippers, Sandingpaper, Superglue)

Here are my Flamerdudes and the four protoypes I already built.

There you see them from the front.

Closeup of the prototype Nr.1
As you can see the only thing I did was to replace the flamer muzzle with a custom built melta muzzle. It's built out of two plastic tubes with different diameter. Keep it simple is a golden rule.

Take out a ruler and mark the plastic tube which will be the outer part of the muzzle all 5 Milimeters. (I am European as you might have guessed)

Drill holes in between the marks and shoot through the whole tube. Now you have wholes going through the whole thing.

Drill holes above and below so it looks like the "5" on a D6. Don't drill through this time since you will most likely mess it up. Take the time and drill bothe sides sepparatly- a lot of work I know- but neccessaty nevertheless.

You see that I am far from perfect- but I am not a machine and it will surely suffice for gaming.

After cutting them apart you end up with something like this.

Send the one side since you(most likely) will not have made perfect cuts.

Push the smaller diameter tube into the outer part starting at the sanded side until it reaches the unsanded side- let it stick out just a little.

Now sand the whole bit until you get an even surface.

Cut off a little after the front part and you're done with the muzzle.

Should look something like this.

After more work you end up with a pile like this.

So now let's take a look at the flamer guy. The most Vulkan way for the cut is just at the start of the muzzle.

Cut off with my hobby knife.

Another pile of muzzles- perfectly ready to be reused for Combi-Flamers or the like.

I drill a hole at the point where the upper Flamer muzzle was.

Clip of a piece of wire (about 2cm).

Glue it into there.

Bend it around

And glue the muzzle on. That's it.

Bring on the tanks!


Michael said…
genius! I have been wondering how I was going to get some more meltas for my army, and here we are!

I really like the conversion, and it is way simple. I need to get going on some of these myself.

Thanks Fodder
Cannonfodder said…
Hi Mike,

thanks for the feedback. Hope you don't need to convert Meltas since you play Marines- theres should be plenty of models.
Da_Sub said…
Hey there Cannon Fodder,
Have you considered making a little mitre box to suit a razor saw to cut the plastic tubing with?
if no take a peak over at my blog for a quick tip.
Really like your simple quick method of adding meltas into a Vostroyan force.
Kudos man.