Call of war Tournament 2010

I have attended a twoday tournament in Hungary last weekend. This meant 500km of driving car and a lot of 40k discussing on the trip as well as returning totally spent to start my office work.But I think it was worth the trip. I had 5 games of which 3 were funny, one disappointing and one a catecory of it's own.

I played my Imperial Guard army with Daemon Hunter Allies- namely a Callidus Assassin and an Inquisitor with Psychic hood and two Mystics against Deepstrikers. I can say that these points were utterly wasted and I will leave little Ms. Sunshine at home from now on.
This is the official website of the organizers:

And here are some impressions:

"Look out below!"

After the Elimination of their commandig officer they will retreat in terror and disarray said the inquisitor- and who was she to argue...

...the comissar readies his Boltpistol (on the closest Sergeant)

"No way I'm going out there- you fix the engine yourself!"

Cleaner and his Sunshine Marines in action agains my former opponent

Arathorn and his Tau struggle against the power of 4 (green) Blood Angel Landraiders

Graf M.V.T watches with disbelieve as 4 Ork Battlewagons(litteraly) roll over his Leman Russes

And also a video which shows the armie of most of my opponents.


sovietspace said…
Well, that looked like a whole bucket of fun, thanks for the photos!
Arathorn said…
Thx...I least have one photo from me of the tournament...thx for the effort...and I like your movie :)
Cannonfodder said…
@Arathorn: Look sharp- it are two pictures of you. And yes- my first 10minute Moviemaker movie and youtube upload- (and only got spammed two minutes later)
g-g said…
sehr geil,danke fürs video:) einziger verbesserungsvorschlag wäre,nächstes mal ein wenig langsamer über die armee zu gehen,dann erkennt man mehr:) auch ein paar kommentare von dir während des filmens wären cool!
"marbo kills 5 terminators"-wie geil^^