4 headed pain in the rear

A little rant from time to time hasn't hurt anybody-right? And even if so, I have to shout it out into the world this time.


Why you ask me? Because I had the honour to assemble three Hydra conversion kits onto a new Chimera platform yesterday. I already had my fair share of Forgeworld models in the past and know about the warping and special treatment those models require but the Hydra kit is a darned cheek, if you will pardon the expression.

The barrels are so twisted that I honestly thought about replacing them with plastictubes. In defence of the kit I have to asy that the details are nice. Yes, true- but the kit doens't work together with the new Chimera kit anymore which can only be overcome by altering the rear floor section. After trying this with the first model I worked on, it still looked crap so I removed the rear floorsection altogether. I sure hope nobody turns the model upside down during gaming- at least you can't see the hole from above.

Getting to the glueing part: warped plating makes the glueing fun since the gaps are so big, that you need a ton of glue or putty to get it to fit. I couldn't get myself to accept this and heated the model up under warm water (like 60° celsius) until my fingers hurt and forced the resin into shape- looked good first but after 2 minutes it made a *crack* noise and off it went. Talk about tension...So screw this apporach.

I really hate it when I have imperfect models and just hope my customer can live with these. Anyhow, I called it a day and will continue with airbrushing today.

Thanks for listening... your's truly


g-g said…
das macht mir sorgen gerade....sollte es mir sorgen machen??
warpspider said…
Jan, wird einfach alt *gg*
Cannonfodder said…
@gg: Brauch da kane Sorgen machen. Ich hab alles richten können (so dass man es nicht siehr) War nur eben sch...viel Arbeit und haut mein Zeitplan zam aber die Grundschichten sind eh schon drauf. Das erste Weathering (Ölfarbe) ist am Trocknen und nächste Woche wirds dann zwischen den Mankerln fertig gemacht.

@warpy: Bin schon alt ;)
Alt ist relativ..... ;)

Tja, wenigstens waren die FW Sachen teuer.

Aber ich weis schon warum ich bei meinen Armeen alles was geht aus Plastikkarton selber mache....
Drathmere said…
I had the same problem with my hydra. Turning it over is an embarrassment! The barrels are easy enough to fix with a quick dip into near boiling water.
Sigmar said…
You're telling me, I know exactly where you're coming from. I have a giant Octopus / Kraken from Armorcast and I'm dreading trying to assemble it. I was going to use expoy resign but I'm not sure it will work because the body is actually plastic but the limbs are metal.

Someone mentioned "pinning" but I don't have a clue where to start :(

Nice blog BTW, I'll be back,

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Cannonfodder said…
If you need a hand on how pinning works just drop me a line- I will galdly explain. In the eantime I suggest reading some of the tutorials on ftw.