40k AC 2010: T-7

It`s 3:22 AM right now and the Troops are mostly done. Basing ist still missing and some splatter effects will also be added but for the main part painting is over. Good- so I got the last days to focus on the Terminatoris and Tanks. Ah yes, I also started work on the Emperors Champion.

When looking at the photos, I think I will add anoter highlight into the eyesockets.


Hmm , the border between off the board weathering and dirty quickpaint can be a thin one .

And I think you did not get it this time.
Cannonfodder said…
They look a tid better in real life since the photos are crappy (iphone at night) But true, time demands for quick paintstyle. Looking forward to meeting you to get a judgement at the ÖMS.
Arathorn said…
First, judge this creep ;)
Roscoe said…
Well done champ! Punch on. 8 )
Arathorn, I'm no paint judge at the ÖMS .
Cannonfodder said…
@frofc: judge or not, I am always interested in other painters feedback.

@Roscoe: Thankyou- this helps to keep the motivation up