40k AC 2010: T-8

I got taken away into modeling today when I discovered that I cannot find the forgewold weapons for my venerable dread anymore. Anyhow, I am rather satisfied with the outcome of the new weapons and think that the time I invested was well worth it. It's again 02:30 AM when writing this and I am rather spent.
The Spacemarines in Powerarmor are nearing completion and all models are at least primed and saltmasked now. The only thing missing are the heads for the terminators- I have not settled for a desing yet.


warpspider said…
Very nice and wonderful, i only
say: "De taugn ma"

How do you make this saltmask?
It looks really nice and the minis get a touch of "i fight and get dirty".
Cannonfodder said…
Salt maks is wasy: Aplly one layer of rust color. Spray the mini with hairspray and sprinkle salt over it. After it has dried spray the maincolor on top. When you remove the saltcristals, the rust layer apperas.
btw. the most effect in above pictures is related to Vallejo pigments which was applied to make the armor dirty.