40k AC Part 1

Man I got stomped good by Wolfman's Whaagh. What a bad way to start a tournament but my dice wouldn't work for me and Orks are my Nemesis anyway. The less said about the game, the better. Wolfman placed 4th in the end making him the best member of my club- Congrats to him!


+ Terminators carve the Killakans open easily.

+ Predator tank drives over the Lootaz which harnessed him for 4 turns in turn 5 forcing them off the table.


+ Ork Bionics save allmost all of my Powerfist wounds which aren't many anyway and my Terminators get chopped to a bloody mess in return.

+ My Venerable Dreadnought charges his bossbikers and is blown up in return when even afer forcing him to reroll 4 destroyed/exploded results remain.