40k AC Part 2

Better... Angry marines drove over Warpspiders deathwing. Kudos to him for Playing the gimpcodex.


+ I wipe out his whole army in a bloody (angry) fury of assault after spraying him with Assaultcannons.

+ One marine (which will return to more glory in later games) who is the sole survivor of a Dreanoughtassault is charged by two Assault Terminators (one Thunderhammer and one Lighting Claw guy) . Since he was standing in the crater of a blown up Droppod he strikes first and using his trusty poweraxe beheads both of them only to run toward the objective and hold it.

+ Belial and his squad hide behind the landraider, but Belial is too curious and since his head shows my whole army unloads bullets into his direction. Although Warpspider tries everything to make him die ("...Belial will take the rending hits on himself...) his forcefiled reflects all the shots on his squad which horribly dies in the hailstorm.


- I cannot kill the two venerable Dreadnoughts which dropped right in front of my army with the shooting og my whole army- letalone the droppods. I therefor have to charge them resulting in a firestorm of 3 vehicle explosions killing more of my (angry) Marines.

- In a futile attempt to surround his immobilized Landraider and thereby dooming the passengers when blowing the tank up I take my chance and walk over a dreadnought wreck with one Terminator- who of course fails and dies when he brakes his ankle or whatever.


warpspider said…
A f***ing nice game.
All hail to this bastard named "Riddick"...I hate him.
Cannonfodder said…
Don't hate the messenge(of death)- hate the message!