40k AC Part 4

Hell of a (great) game. Nighthaunter and His pure fluff nightlord chaosmarines. Maybe Best Game ever. Victory for my angry Marines.


+ The one marine who already singlehanded killed of the tow Deathwing Assaultterminators in the previous game again shows his talents and fights furiously (always angry, all the time) against the black horrors Nighthaunter threw at him. Even long after his squad succumbed to the 15 pitchblack Furies he ducks, evades and butchers on for 3 further phases of closecombat. I therefor name him Riddick.

+ For three turns my dice really suck, and it seems like the end when I fail my target-priority tests with all of my shooting units in a row (11,12,12,12.-.WTF?!?!) and end up with all my terminators bnched up right in front of his still shiny Vindicator and Deamonprince. I then beg for a break and everything turns:
The Vindicatorshot falls short and instead takes off a wound from his Daemonprince (Nighthaunter didn't see that one coming... ^^) who then assaults my HQ; only to be cut down by my Commander in a bloody (angry) carnage of Lightning claws. The consolidation move then brings me in range for a charge on his objectives and I win (who would have thought) in turn six.

It's hard to think of anything bad afterwards since every bad roll was equally turned when fortune take res next to me from turn 4 on.


Anonymous said…
Goddam Riddik!!! Nexttime i will get him down! (memo for myself: i need more pitchblack Furies)

I will also need to paint some lithnings on my Deamonprince to stop the friendly fire...

great game!!!!