40k AC Part 5

What a great game it was- I had the chance to play against Firstruleoffightclub (Captain auf Austria's ETC Team) and even score a minor victory.
He played his 13th company Spacewolves and the game was so special since his army is as well painted as mine although he uses a totaly difrent painting style. You can see this in picure 2 where his Wolfscouts ambush me from behind:
- He steals the initiave and starts shooting the crap out of my Troopchoices with 16 Shots of Fragmissiles. I call him Firstruleoffrag now.

- I fail to shoot his Thunderwolf cavallery before they can charge me and loose the Emperor's champion this way.

- My favorite Marine which I named "Riddick" after his glorious fight against Nighthaunters daemon Furies dies to a living Lighting bolt (or was it a Fraground?)- how unworthy.
+ I take revenge for Riddicks end by serving the Librarien a Lasconnon offer he couldn't refuse.

+My Terminators drag all the riders form their Thunderwolves in one Assault phase

+ My tactical squads hit with almost all of their rapidfiring plasmashots and turn alot of his Wolfguard Terminators to slag.


Arathorn said…
That's f*****n angry Marine on pic1!
Cannonfodder said…
Nonono, he wasn't angry ever. Although all luck lost him when Fortuna forced him to play a seventh turn, in which he lost an otherwise shurely won game.
Arathorn said…
"No mo walkin" was out of Luck on day 2...
Hmm, it appears like you are my Nemesis just like Jasokuhl is yours.
My Deathstar Termie Squad's saves where quite disapointing at last :-(

Anyway, it is always funny to play against you as you always pull a joke out
of every situation and show that you have fun playing -a skill I unfortunately lack.

As far as painting goes, we had the same points and yes,
tastes are different.

Too bad we did not get the Emperors Champions Armour, the Wolflord really wanted it.
After the paintball match a nice drinking situation -templars get corona and wolves guiness.
**Wolflord clips a ornate drinking horn at the marshals belt***
Cannonfodder said…
Let's just pretend you just tagged the EC armour... and I disagree- like your painting stlye your humor is just different; very dry in most situations("...Wine? No thanks- I have my redneck bottom shelf vodkadrink...") and it is always a dialog which fuels the fun at the table.
The same british gent said one of my favorite lines ever " It would be rude not trying to seize the initiative".
And he did :-) at ETC 09